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Strategic Sessions

More than 30 strategic sessions were held with the subsequent development of the strategy.
Most key business parameters have changed significantly and become a new normal
There is no time for long "strategy development projects", but there is a need for a quick situation assessment, clear priorities and understanding of:

... what business areas will be attractive and capable of sustainable development in the current environment

... which businesses should be abandoned and how to do it best

... how the business model should change
An external strategy session is a great format to start a strategy review process
With the help of a qualified external moderator, you can turn your strategy session into a useful and effective event.

In a changing environment, you need to adjust the strategy, set goals and constantly control their achievement. To update the strategy, you should consider the company's internal needs, balance the interests of all stakeholders and consider market requirements.
How is a strategic session conducted?
A strategic session is a good tool for regular revising and updating of your company's development strategy. An external moderator can significantly increase the efficiency of such an event by:

  • Clarifying the expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders,

  • Conducting a competitor analysis (benchmarking),

  • Conducting a strategic analysis of your company, and

  • Arranging the process of the development strategy revising/updating.

By cooperating with the client, we make a thorough preparation, including analysis of the company's position, market trends, goals and priorities of stakeholders, and then develop key approaches to the strategy updating during a 2-3 day external event.
This allows you to: revise the company's strategic priorities, adjust the goals and development strategy, update the company's vision, mission, values, determine the company's competitive advantages, and increase employee engagement.
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We help companies create an integrated corporate governance system by increasing the value and improving business reputation in the long term.
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