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Professional Director program by MSU

Topcompetence is a technical partner of the Professional Director program at Moscow State University, adding gamification to the learning process.
Who will benefit from the program?
To grow the business through an effective board of directors.
Company owners
To make effective decisions by interacting with shareholders and directors.
Top managers
To quickly master the new role and understand features of the board of directors.
New board members
To develop their competencies as a professional director, chair of a committee, chair of the board of directors.
Experienced board members
What is the program value for you?
An active community of professional directors of the largest Russian companies. Meet dozens of top managers, current board members, and corporate governance experts.
The best international and Russian corporate governance practices in an accessible, engaging form as a tool for your business development.
The pleasure of communicating and sharing experiences with colleagues.
An opportunity to practice and develop teamwork and decision-making skills in small groups using a modern business management simulator and interactive online modules.
An opportunity to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, develop a personal development plan and apply your skills on boards of directors and audit commissions.
Program Results
Professional competencies for serving on the board of directors and specialized board committees
Skills in analyzing financial statements, evaluating a company's financial condition, developing a financial strategy at the board level
Knowledge of principles, trends, the ability to evaluate and manage the practical development of corporate governance
Skills in assessing current challenges and opportunities and developing effective strategies
Development of communication skills, influence and leadership, competencies of the Chair of a Committee, Chair of a Council
Ability to evaluate human resources, develop a system of motivation and succession planning
Ability to formulate requirements for risk management, internal control and audit systems
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